What size straws fit into the Straw Dock?

- Straw Dock holds the most common sized reusable straw – 8.5” Long & 6mm in Diameter. We are in the process of designing a Straw Dock that will hold thicker straws such as 12mm in Diameter & also a Straw Dock that will hold both sizes.


Do you do custom Straw Docks?

- We do not do custom Straw Docks yet but we are in the process of working with our manufacturer to that custom option available very soon. Sign up for our Email List & Follow our Social Media Accounts for updates on information like this!


How do I clean my Straw Dock?

- Straw Dock is made of wood so we recommend any type of wood cleaner. Also, if you were one of the orders during the worst couple of months during our Initial Product Launce then we gave you a Straw Cleaner that works for your Straw Dock as well. Simply put the Straw Cleaner in hole from either side of the Straw Dock and move back and forth until clean. If you did not receive a Straw Cleaner from purchasing, they are now available for sale on our website. Straw Dock is NOT dishwasher compatible.


How can I be informed about new products, promotions, discounts and upcoming events?

- Please Sign-up for our Mailing List. Also follow us on our Social Media Accounts (Instagram: @strawdock – Facebook: Straw Dock – Twitter: @strawdock to stay up to date with our promotions, discounts and environmental events you can get involved in. We will be sending out information on products and upcoming events to your email monthly.


How long will it take to receive my Straw Dock?

- If we are in the Pre-Sale stage still then it will take around 4-5 weeks to receive your Straw Dock. If we receive the Straw Dock from our manufacturer sooner than that we will send an email immediately informing you on the earlier delivery date. Normally once we have our full order of inventory we will try and ship orders immediately which will most likely be out our doors within 3-5 business days. If you selected an expedited shipping method of 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air, your order would typically ship within 1-2 business days. Customize your Straw Dock would Add an additional 1-2 week.



Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations must be submitted within 24 hours from placing an online order. Please email info@strawdock.com to cancel your order.


What is Straw Dock’s return policy?

- Please email us requesting a return label. You have up to 2 weeks to return your Straw Dock. Once we receive the Straw Dock that is being returned, we have the ability to deny a return if it comes back damaged or noticeably altered. After we have reviewed the returned Straw Dock, we will start the return process to refund the customer their money. Please give us 10-14 business days for your money to be returned to your account.